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When you are hurt, disabled, or incapacitated because of another person's negligence, you need Frey Law Firm on your side. We focus on personal injury law to ensure our clients receive compensation for medical expenses and other costs.

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Frey Law Firm is the name you need to know when it comes to civil law litigation and representation. Attorney Frey has been representing individuals and businesses in civil law since 1968, giving him the experience needed to best present your case to the court.

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Frey Law Firm in Terre Haute, Indiana, provides the civil law representation you need for the just compensation you deserve. From automobile accidents to medical malpractice, we work all kinds of cases to give our clients a fair shot at the money they are owed from those who are at fault. Do not hesitate to call us about your case. Our team is ready to assist you with holding another party responsible for your injuries.